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 TLC Tree Care is the best choice for your tree care needs. We offer professional services at competitive rates, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our team of arborists are trained to provide a full range of professional arborist services including emergency removals, trimming, pruning, cabling and bracing. If you need urgent tree care then don’t waste time and money on anything else!

 You can trust us to get the job done right without any hassle or hidden costs. Whether it’s a palm tree, hedge trimming, wood chipping, stumps grinded, stump removal or a giant gum. Call now for more information about our affordable prices and excellent customer service!
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Tree removal can be a tricky and dangerous job. It is important to find loppers who knows how to do it safely, efficiently, and correctly.

Some people try lopping trees themselves when they should really hire a professional arborist or tree loppers for the work. This results in injuries or even death on occasion because of improper tree removal or lopping techniques used by untrained individuals.

Hiring an experienced arborist or lopper will ensure that your trees are removed with no damage done to other parts of your property or landscape. An expert will also make sure that all debris from the tree is cleared away completely so you’re left only with beautiful views again!

Keeping Your Tree Removal Cost Low and everybody safe

TLC Tree Care is the best choice for your needs. We’ve been providing Melbourne with quality tree services since 1999. We have our tree service public liability sorted. It is our goal to keep the removal cost down for our tree removal customer.  Our crews are experts at making sure that your trees stay healthy and beautiful, no matter what type they are. And we always put safety first. You can trust us to do our job right the first time around so you don’t have to worry about anything else!

With an experienced team and a huge range of tree services, such as, stump removal, cutting, wood chipping, pruning, land clearing, felling, surgeon work, emergency responses, arborist reports, palm removal, mulching, storm damage, specialists care and maintenance.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help keep your trees looking great! We offer free estimates and consultations so there is no risk involved when contacting us. Let TLC Tree Care take care of all of your tree needs today!

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Some Common Questions

When all else has been taken down, what’s left is the stump that once supported the whole tree.

Answering all of these questions Is it best to do it all at once or all at once? How does grinding the stump work?

Reasons to remove a root or stump in the ground
Stumped on your final decision.

In the long run, Ryan says, an old stump may be problematic. Use a tractor to clear the yard of its old stumps.” Furthermore, they find it difficult to plant a new trees.

Only a  short time later, the stumps in your yard rot. Yes, over time, a dead tree is an ideal place for termites or carpenter ants.

You may choose to either leave the stump where it is and allow it to decay, or to remove the dead plants and possibly bringing in animals as well. Bolting the plant and pest control is the only way to go.

There are plenty of alternatives.
Stumps and other hazardous remains don’t stand alone. Even, consider freeing your tree:

Decaying timber isn’t attractive. it can significantly devalue your property. If you knock the spot where the stump is off of your yard would damage your lawnmower
Planting new trees or transplanting them to a new location is a prohibitively difficult task.
Is it better to remove the stump?
Both screwworm and critters both have benefits and drawbacks. The path you take depends on your long-term plans for your landscape.

It’s the more invasive procedure of the two. The stump is heaved up, and all of the roots are located. It takes a lot of time and greasy equipment to accomplish this. The best thing about it is: with your landscape cleared of stumps, you are free to new ideas. What’s not so cool is that the vacuum remains unfilled.

It is far less strenuous In this case, the shredder produces a pile of wood chips from the stump. Stump removal is preferable, however, it cannot get rid of the tree’s roots. If the stump is high, the chip pile may be large as well.

Are the roots eliminated?
When grubbing out the stump takes care of the visible remains, the roots are spaced four, eight, or twelve feet away from the previous stump. Over time, these roots will naturally decay, but takes time It can take ten to several decades to rootify.