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Experts at tree stump removal, Landscape care, tree trimming,  disposal of tree stumps  and much more!

As many stump removal operations around Melbourne operate, we continue to use our stump grinder and tree stump removal equipment afely and effectively for many Melbournians. At TLC our rates are very fair, we will never be pushed by what other companies charge, we value our customers and do our best to remove all types of stump without a hassle. 
The extensive services provided by the TLC Hedgearets in both the removal of stumps and grinding of stumps are used in many local municipalities to handle trees and branches in Melbourne.

People and companies that offer excellent and reliable services are concentrated in Moorabbin and we are able to provide those anywhere in Melbourne. Because of our operations in various locations around Melbourne, we can provide cost-effective solutions for your wood paring requirements.

Some people like to use potassium nitrate, The Potassium Nitrate granules aid in the decomposition of the stump, making it more porous as a result. It is much easier to cut a tree stump with garden tools or fire once the wood has become porous. Our method of tree stump removal, involves a stump grinder, its a much faster and cleaner method. Once your stump is removed, it will be ground into wood chips.

A stump in the yard can be dangerous for you and that is why we still cut them out before we go. if it is for the greater general well-being of your green areas, or simply to the appearance of the scenery There are long-serving teams of professional employees of all of equal skill, with top of the line equipment and rigorous training, who will be able to help you choose the type of service you need. If the stump is big enough, it may be possible to cut the tree down, but not practical, or if not, then you may be better to chop it down to a stump so that it can look like it is on ground level. They will help you choose the best and safest options for your property so you can feel confident that your effort was well-rewarded.

Depending on the age of the tree, decay process, the root system, root material, tree root, the stump ground and so on, the stump grinding cost may vary, as the stump grinding difficulty may vary. Stump grinding can be a form of pest control also, as to deter bugs from breeding in the rotting wood. Consult a tree expert  before making any arrangements to remove your tree stump, a tree expert can answer any questions about stump grinding and landscape care
A single tree in the center of your property could make for a fascinating piece of property to talk about, or may serve as an excellent photographic prop. These are just as likely to be invasions of other than pests and plant diseases, so make sure your garden is free of any that can jump to your garden, especially those that can then spread to other parts of your plot. Let us protect you help you cultivate an environment that’s inclusive of all plants Even, we’ve got a lot of experience in arbor care facilities, so we’re well prepared to give you tips on the particular maintenance you will need once the stump is gone.


Don't Leave A Tree Trunk Behind

In the majority of the City of the Bayside and South East Melbourne areas, we give you great value for money with respect to your money while maintaining the property’s aesthetics.

At TLC Tree Services, our specialized stump removal teams are capable of removing the most challenging stumps using any kind of equipment from medium to large or small, as the equipment calls for.

we are proud of the quality of our workers and the efficient equipment that handles all sizes of tree stumps with our well-equipped and technologically up to date Millers; we handle all situations with our skilled workforce and Sophisticated technology Furthermore, we provide tree trimming and tree removal and pruning services in the City of Melbourne and the Melbourne and/Geelong suburb area.

If it’s big or small, we’re removing them all!

Is it diseased? It’s okay for you or bad for your pipes? Is it about a growth?” Regardless of the situation, TLC Tree Care company will manage new plantings, stump removal, or land preparation.

Our arborists are available to assist you in the city and suburbs. Each of TLC’s  employees have plenty of training and experience for stump removal
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termites and other insects can decontaminate unsighted stumps Additionally, they can endanger those that you care about.

TLC’s Experts will solve these issues, if the roots pose a concern. We can use our own equipment, which allows you to work around it.

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Residential, commercial, and municipal services are all the same to TLC Trees. We can also give your tree a bit of TLC if you like.

We’ve been delivering stump removal services for a lot of folks in the city In order to keep and encourage urban trees. Book us in your neighborhood, and we’ll be there as soon as possible

Contact us today for more information on how we can help keep your trees looking great! We offer free estimates and consultations so there is no risk involved when contacting us. Let TLC Tree Care take care of all of your tree needs today!


Contact us today for more information on how we can help keep your trees looking great! We offer free estimates and consultations so there is no risk involved when contacting us. Let TLC Tree Care take care of all of your tree needs today!

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